Weekend fun

One more day to go and then Briissyyyy! I’m happy to go back to my life there. It’s obviously been great to come home but since I don’t work or study here, life gets back to normal eventually and I’d be bored to death if I stayed any longer.

My weekend started off pretty good on Friday. I had a spontaneous lunch in the sun with a friend. Okay, he had lunch and I had a huge piece of raspberry pie and sorbet ice cream, yummy!! It was nice meeting up and because the weather was sunny and hot it was great to come out 🙂 

In the afternoon I went to visit my uncle and his family. I still hadn’t met up with his wife so that was great. It was nice to chat about everything and nothing and I played some with their dog Hugo (give him to me!!). After some time there I then continued to my grandparents where my other uncle came with his family. Said goodbye to everyone and then me and my cousin went to the city center to meet up with a friend. 

We started off at Le Pain Français Bistro (been there too many times these 2 weeks) with drinks and then continued to Bryggeriet which is next door. Not a place I prefer going to, even though I also had a late lunch there the other day, but my company wanted to go so I didn’t say no. A lot of young people (am I too old?) so we didn’t stay long. Had a glass and then went to Storan. This is a huge outdoor seating bar and restaurant and it was perfect because it was not too cold to sit outside. My friend Per joined us after some time and then my other friend left so it was him, me and my cousin. We had a glass of wine and then it was time to head home. Overall it was a good day with family 🙂 

Saturday was spent at Slottskogen. I’ve told you about this park before but the reason I went was to meet up with friends I hadn’t seen yet. This day it was Göteborgsvarvet, which is a half marathon (one of the world’s biggest half marathons) so we watched some people run and my friends had some family running so that was quite fun! I didn’t stay too long because the weather completely changed and got cold haha (Sweden!). I spent the evening at home all alone just watching some movies. It was great being alone haha. That’s something I really miss, evenings by myself. 

On Sunday I went to my friends’ house with 2 girlfriends. Our friends had had a baby so we had to go and see him 🙂 Such a cutie! We stayed there for some ‘fika’ and then I went home to eat BBQ with my family. Didn’t stay long as my auntie had invited me home as well so I went to spend some time with her and my cousin. Smoked some shisha and chit chatted, always good! The evening was finished off at my other cousin’s home to say goodbye to his wife whom I spend a lot of time with. Unfortunately their adorable girls were asleep so I didn’t get to say bye to them 😦 

Busy weekend with a lot of family and friends, just the way I like it! 

Today I’ve only been buying chocolate and so that I’m taking with me haha. And soon it’s time for dinner with my goddaughter and her family 🙂 


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