Bye bye Sweden 

Hello 🙂 

I’m onboard the Lufthansa flight heading to Frankfurt from Gothenburg. We had a slight delay so I hope I’ll make it to my second flight. I have an hour but I need to change terminal. Fingners crossed!

I’ve just been served a sandwich and juice and the flight is only 1,5hours. Coming to Sweden I had 2 hours from Frankfurt to Stockholm (my last flight) and that was with SAS if you remember, they didn’t serve anything. So thumbs up for Lufthansa. And I just spoke to the cabin attendant about my connection. He really tried to not to worry me and said I would make it but he lied a bit 😛 He said they will wait for me but I know that they never delay a flight for 1 person haha. He was kind anyway 😛

I’ve been painting a bit in my iPad, it’s very relaxing. Now my stomach hurts, right after the sandwich. I hope it’s nothing bad after I’ve been praising Lufthansa haha. 

Gonna listen to some music now and try to feel better before I need to run for my second flight. Will update in Singapore again, bye for now! 

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