We meet again Changi 

At Changi airport! I wanted to go to Singapore city center because I have like 5 hours stopover but I didn’t get my boarding pass for my last flight and I have a cabin bag which I thought I wouldn’t so I decided to relax here. Also, onboard my flight coming here I felt very sick and tried to vomit twice. I do get motion sickness but it wasn’t that. I think it was the sandwich from my previous flight. I felt better after having slept a few hours so I kind of just want to relax and feel well again. Ohhh by the wayyy 🙂 There were not many passengers onboard at all so I got 3 seats all by myself. Almost everyone got a whole row. That was great!! Very good service on this flight as well, especially that the cabin crew asked how I was feeling and so as they knew about the sandwich situation. I think it was an Airbus 380-800 so a lot of space and nice interior. 

Something “funny” that happened was that the guy next to me on the Gothenburg-Frankfurt flight told me it would take 5mins to change terminal. Let me tell you this, I ran for my life for 25mins haha. I made it and arrived 30mins before departure so that’s good haha. 

Haven’t done much here. Bought myself some stuff from Victoria Secret, watched The Blacklist, had dinner and just relaxed. Time to board my last flight now! 

See ya in Brisbane 🙂 

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