Change of plans 


Some change of plans for my LA friend’s visit. He left this morning for Australia Zoo, Noosa and Fraser Island. We were going to the zoo and Noosa together for day trips but he asked if it was possible to go to Fraser from the Zoo so yesterday we planned the itinerary for him and this morning he left. He’s coming back on Friday and that will only be spent here in Brisbane. We’ll play putt putt or something haha. 

What’s MY plans then for these days? 

Well, today is going to be around 25 degrees Celsius so until the sun comes out from behind the building I’m going to wash, clean the apartment and then do some other important things I’ve postponed. When sun is out I’m going to the pool for some sunbathing and the rest of the day will be spent at home just relaxing and maybe booking some trips. Tomorrow I need to do some errands in the CBD and apply for jobs/internships. On Wednesday I think I’ll do an excursion somewhere, maybe to the Gold Coast. Just stroll around there. 

Yeah, I think that’s my plans for these days. But most importantly I need to relax as much as possible before school starts. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you about Straddie! 

We arrived quite late, around 2pm. On the bus on Straddie I met 4 Swedish guys so we ended up spending the day with them and it was sooooo much fun! We saw kangaroos in so many places and that was great. I only saw koalas last time I went. Oh, we saw a sea turtle too, hihi. We did the Gorge’s walk, had lunch and then spent an hour or so at the beach. I was exhausted when we got home because I woke up at 4.25am again so at 10.30pm it was bedtime for me. 

Do you guys have any fun plans for this week? 🙂 

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