Hollywood in Brisbane 


Yesterday was so busy and exhausting. I woke up at 4.25am and couldn’t fall back asleep again. 

My friend arrived just after 9am to my place. It was at first a very slow morning. We had breakfast, then he wanted to get a haircut so we went to the barbershop but had to wait for 45mins and then the haircut took time. Went back home, he showered and all then finally we could go out and it was 3pm. Felt like we wasted 6hours on nothing haha. 

We started with a walk, crossed story bridge, kangaroo point cliffs, south bank and there we had lunch at a Greek restaurant, Zeus. It was pretty good, I had a falafel pita. We then continued to the CBD and Roma St Parklands but just had a quick walk there as it was dark. After that we walked to riverside and to Holey Moley to meet up with Roz and Victor but we’d have to wait for 1,5hour before playing so we just went to 111ill which was quite a cozy bar. I fell asleep around 11pm and of course I had to wake up at 4.25am again. Am I tired? Yes, very 😩 I got up around 7 and made myself ready but Oscar didn’t get up until 9 so we left from home way too late. But he needed the rest from traveling and all the walking. 

We’re now on our way to Stradbroke Island but we will only have about 3,5 hours there before we need to take the boat back. It should maybe be enough because it’s not hot enough for swimming so we’ll just be walking around. I don’t think we’re going anywhere tonight because we need to plan the week. Well well, enough for now. Have a beautiful Sunday! 

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