Next stop? 


My plans changed completely for today. Washed, cleaned and then had lunch with friends. I hadn’t seen them for a very long time so that was very nice 🙂 We just had salads and so at one of the Coffee Club restaurants. Not the best place but there’s always some eatable. 

I’ve been thinking a bit about places to visit in Australia. Is there anyone who has some tips? I’ve been to the Whitsundays, Fraser Island, Moreton Island, Stradbroke Island, Bribie Island, Gold Coast, Springbrook NP, Lamington NP, hmm maybe that’s it. I’m going to Melbourne in July and I’m planning on visiting Byron Bay, Great ocean road and Sydney very soon. But where else should I go? I’m not going to Uluru and so because the flight is between $800-$1000 and it’s ridiculous. I can go back to Sweden for those prices. Anyhow, any other advice is appreciated so please do share in the comments field 

Have a good night! 

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