30 years of traveling 

Hmm… that headline makes me sound like a 60 year old lady haha. 

Well point is, I have a small travel book where I write down every city and country I’ve been too since 1987 (the year I was born). And today is the first time I counted them. Some fun fact for me but here you go: 

Trips with overnight:                                         – 28 countries, 84 cities

Trips with just day visit:                                     – 3 countries, 63 cities. 

This is a total of 31 countries and 147 cities! I know many people have traveled way more but this is a lot to me 😀 and this is from 1987-2017 (May) so I still got 7 months left of the year. I’ll definitely do an update on it when the year has ended. Will be interesting to see how many more countries I will visit. In these 5 months I’ve been to 3 countries (overnight). 

Just wanted to share my happy moment with you 😊 

Talk to you tomorrow lovely readers! 

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