I’ve kind of lost it a bit with Instagram and I’m hoping maybe there’s someone out there who can help me out? 

I used to have a lot of followers and likes but I’ve noticed that coming back to Australia from my travels, I don’t get as many and I’ve lost some followers. I don’t know if it’s because I’m posting the wrong time of the day but what time do you reckon is the best? 

And how do I get my followers back? Is there anyone out there who has some good tips? I even downloaded the app ‘tagsforlikes’ but that was even worse than the tags I’m using haha. I spent some time searching on Instagram for the most used tags and those are the ones I’m using. 

I’ve googled a bit and some of the tips are ‘comment on other photos, like, follow’ but they’re asking to do it on like 1000. I honestly don’t have time to do that everyday. 

I figured I’ll ask you guys for help so please, help! Haha 

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