Weekend thoughts


Started off Friday morning with breakfast at Monk & Grind with Pat (if you’re reading this, I’m mentioning it just because you laughed at me 😉 ) We had bacon, egg, toast and avocado smash (yes Pat, this is also for you).

I had a meeting in the afternoon with a friend at his work. We have a live brief in school this trimester and it’s starting on Tuesday. I want to be one step ahead of everyone else so I already started looking for furniture and my friend works for a Scandinavian furniture company specialised in office space which is perfect for our brief. I’m very excited about this! Will be so much fun to meet a client in real life and to do this project. 

I met up with friends for Holey Moley in the evening, it’s so much fun! We continued to my place for some coffee and tea. ‘Fika’ you know 😉 

It’s Saturday morning, I’m waiting to be picked up by Roz and Victor. I’m helping her with a renovation. I believe we will be painting… never done that before haha. 

Lately I’ve been thinking about what to do with my life when school is done, which is in August. Quite soon. And I feel like I have several ideas but nothing I can decide on. I’m on a student visa in Australia and it expires 27th of October. My course ends 27th of August, so I’m hoping that I will get an internship very soon and can continue working until my visa expires. Though, I was thinking this, if I get the internship and then a job, I can leave Australia for a week or 2, apply for working holiday visa and then come back and continue working for the same company for 6 months. That visa only allows me to stay with the same employer for 6 months and then I need to change. But this would give me some experience before I need to apply for a job outside of Australia. My second thought is that if I don’t get an internship or job then I’m going to start applying for jobs outside of Australia already in July. I’m hoping of course I will get something so that I can move as soon as school is finished. So, the reason I can’t decide on this is because the companies I’m applying internships and jobs with are the ones to decide on it. I mean, if I don’t get anything then I’m moving. If I get something then I’ll apply for the working holiday visa. It’s a bit stressful but I’m starting school on Tuesday so it will keep my mind off this for some time, maybe… I don’t know haha. 

Until then, I’m going to try to enjoy Australia as much as I can. Who knows how soon I need to leave 🙂 

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