Final semester! 

Before I start I just have to say that yesterday I wrote a full post, uploaded a photo and then when I was waiting for it to post it all crashed 😡 I hate technology… 

Now to fun and happy stuff. I started my last trimester yesterday and it’s exciting as we have a live brief (real client) where we need to decorate, style, add finishes and so to 2 large spaces. First level is a huge space that needs to be divided to about 7 different rooms and second level is already divided into rooms but needs to be styled. Unfortunately we got a very, very low budget but it will be interesting and fun to do this project. Whenever we do something I am going to start posting it to my interior design page so if that’s of interest please have a look 🙂 

Not much else fun has happened. Can barely remember what I’ve been up to. Getting old I guess 😂 

Oh yes! I helped Roz with a kitchen renovation. We grind the kitchen cabinets and then painted them blue. I almost did all of them myself and there were quite many. A very relaxing thing to do. I enjoyed it a lot! I saw the result today and it was pretty but the most important thing is that the family were so surprised and happy. 

Met up with Anton on Sunday for ‘fika’ (you gotta get used to this word), some shopping and then a calm evening at home. It was a good weekend after all and now thatschool  started my days off will mostly be about my assessment. 

I wanted to go to Sydney one of these days but it’s going to rain there and I’d rather avoid it haha. I’ll just wait until the forecast shows good weather. It will just be a day trip as I actually don’t want to go buy you know, can’t stay in Australia for a year and not having seen Sydney. I’m planning on seeing the opera house, harbor, bridge, manly and yes that’s pretty much it. If you have been and have tips, please share 🙂 

Photo from lonely planet 

Time for bed now! Study day tomorrow and I need to find a potential client too. 

Night night 

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