Sweet Saturday 

Days like these are the ones that makes me feel as if I’m too old for certain things haha. I had 2 friends over yesterday. One of them stayed the night and we went to bed at 03.30am. I slept on the sofa so it wasn’t the best night I had but hey, what don’t you do for guests? Anyhow, woke up early and so now it’s only 3pm and I’m exhausted. I have to study though but I think a nap is required first. 

I was in school all day on Wednesday and on Thursday I went to 2 places for a school project. Didn’t go too well so I need to find something else very soon. It was just a relaxed day for me. 

Yesterday I started off with a meeting with my group about our live brief. It took a few hours but was fun! We sat at Passion Tree Café which was really good. They have wifi, delicious desserts and good drinks. Plenty of space as well. In the evening my friends came over for some wine and snacks. 

I kind of feel like going out tonight so I’ll see what my friends are up to 🙂 Have a few drinks at a nice bar and just chat. 

Napping time! See ya 

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