Winter in Oz 

It’s soooooo cold in school and my apartment. Like freezing! 😩 I wish they didn’t have aircon on in school and I want a radiator in my apartment huhu. Apparently they don’t have them in Queensland because it’s hot, but it’s not super hot all the time people!! Luckily it’s still not too bad outside.

Haven’t been up to much lately. Saturday was spent at home, resting. Actually, now that I think about it I went out clubbing in the evening haha. Met up with Roz at Blackbird, went for dinner at Pony which had amazing food 🤤 Went dancing at Cloudland and ended our night at La Rouge. Cloudland was actually good this time. A lot of people, good music (most of the time) and good vibe. 

On Sunday I didn’t do much at all. Bought a flight ticket to Sydney though! 😊 Going Monday, just for the day. I’m leaving early and coming back late in the evening so I have about 8-10 hours to spend there. I think it’s enough since I’m just going to see the opera house haha. 

Just been studying during the week and that’s what I gotta do this weekend too. Hopefully we’ll go out for some drinks at least 😋 

Just Byron Bay and Fiji left now! I’m gonna have a look at Byron maybe in 2 weeks and then Fiji at some point too. 

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