I’m on my flight heading back to Brissy from a day trip to Sydney 🙂 

Left early this morning and arrived by 9.30am. Started my day with a stroll in an area called The Rocks, pretty cozy! From there I walked up to Harbor Bridge and got up to Pylon Lookout. It wasn’t as amazing as I expected but I loved it even though. I met an American guy up there and we ended up spending the whole day together, was so much fun!! 

We walked around the harbour, CBD and the Royal botanic gardens. It was all very beautiful. I especially loved the gardens because I couldn’t here any traffic, only birds and the water. How lovely?! As I’ve mentioned before about Brisbane, I hear traffic everywhere and I’m fed up with it. 
We walked to Mrs. Macquarie’s point I. The gardens. Another wonderful lookout point. 

Ohhh and I had kangaroo today! I’ve tried a small bite before from friends but now I had an actual steak and… it wasn’t very good 😩 they over cooked it and had a gravy that wasn’t very good huhu. Not trying it again. 

We ended my day (he’s got a few more days in Sydney) at Blu Bar at Shangri La with a beautiful view of harbor bridge and the opera house ☺️ Best part, I finally got my Riesling wine!!! Can someone please explain to me why they don’t have it anywhere in Brisbane 😩 

Overall, I had a lovely day and I’m very happy I finally went to Sydney. 

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