Swedish midsummer 


Yesterday (Friday) midsummer was being celebrated in Sweden and from what I could see the weather was pretty bad in the south like every midsummer the past years. In Stockholm it was apparently sunny so lucky them 😉 

We’re having our midsummer celebrations today, will be fun! We’re meeting up in New Farm Park and yeah, I don’t know exactly what’s planned but I think some traditional Swedish games. Damn, should’ve brought a flower wreath to wear… 

Haven’t been up to much the past few days except studying. I need to make myself time to book Fiji and Byron. So slow with it haha. Tomorrow I’m getting my own logo that I’ve designed using Pinterest Inspiration but adding my own handwriting to it. It’s really hard to do something unique. I had no idea what to do… I hope it will look the way I want it too 🙂 After that I’m going to try design a website to use as my portfolio but will need help with that huhu. 

Well time to get up and get ready for midsummer in Oz! 

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