Nature, lovely nature 

Been a while again…

Last Saturday me and Pat did a full day trip to national parks. I took the bus to Logan where I got picked up and the our first stop was Curtis Falls in Mount Tamborine. It was a short hike to get there (565m) and it was beautiful. We didn’t stay too long and it was honestly very cold haha (and I’m from Sweden). 

Our second stop was Tamborine skywalk. I was so excited about this and it was very beautiful to walk along the treetops (how cool?!). We paid about $20 per person which I found was too much for such a short walk. I wish it was longer but hey, it’s not everyday you go on that kind of walks 🙂 

The third stop in Mt Tamborine was Cedar Creek Falls. This was the most beautiful waterfall this day 🙂 We stayed there for some time, taking beautiful photos and climbing a bit to get the perfect spots 😉 It was really fun! 

Before heading to Springbrook national park we had lunch at the Gallery Walk which is also in Mount Tamborine. I first bought coffee to mum at the tea shop and then we went to the restaurant. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it but it’s probably the biggest one at the Gallery Walk. Food was good, not the hot drinks… We headed off to the Police Place before leaving, just to see what they had. It used to be a Polish restaurant but it got burned down in December 😦 Poor owners, their house burned down as well. But they’re rebuilding it and should be done for Christmas. Pat who is polish was a bit disappointed haha. But when you’re waiting for something good…

Oh can’t forget the beautiful lookout point! Been there before but had to go again 🙂 I mean, who doesn’t like amazing views eh? 

Soooo… Springbrook national park. We only went to the natural bridge because we’ve both been to Springbrook before but not to the natural bridge. A short hike again but wow, amazing!!!! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Our day did not finish here. I wanted to go to Burleigh Heads so we did that. Very small part of the Gold Coast but the view was amazing!! Loved it! 

Look at that ❤ 

Pat took me to the Spit for a quick visit. Just to see Surfers Paradise skyline from the beach. Kind of like at the top photo but from a jetty. Hm, okay we went to the beach because we had to pay to walk on the jetty which we found ridiculous.. 

We continued to Surfers Paradise because I wanted to go to the Q1 bar but even here we would have to pay $25 to enter!!! Like really? $25 and then drinks? Pff… we did not go up there. One day when I have plenty of time I might do it but not just for one hour. Of course I wanted to some sweets like always so we went to San Churroz. We had really good chocolate volcanoes with ice cream and hot drinks. On the way back to the car, of course we saw Max Brenner. Did I get angry? Yes 🙂 

Well, full on day which was a lot of fun! Next time we’re going to the Sunshine Coast 🙂 

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