A day in Byron Bay 

My trip for this week headed to Byron Bay in NSW 🙂 I booked my ticket with b2b express and it was great. Took off at 8am, arrived to Byron at 10, then back to Brisbane at 4.30pm, arrived 6.30pm. 

It was more than enough with 6,5 hours. I started with a walk along the beach, there was a big market which was fun to walk around in. 

Walked down to the beach, watched the surfers, headed up to Fishermans lookout point. Stayed there for some time and just enjoyed the beautiful views! 

Continued to the most easterly point of the Australian mainland, spotted a few whales and then up to the lighthouse. It was only going to be 19 degrees (C) so I was dressed for that, but let me tell you this, it was bloody hell hot to do that walk haha. It was hot in the sun, I had to walk up for 1.2km in that heat and the sun in my face… I wanted to die haha. But, thank God the views were so beautiful it was fine 😛 

I didn’t stay long up at the lighthouse. I was getting hungry and the café only had sandwiches. Bought myself a chocolate and raspberry muffin hihi, sat down a bit and then walked down back to the town. But I thought the walk back would be kind of the same as the one I walked up for. But noooo. I had to walk up a bit and then down in the bush on the sand haha. I was kind of fed up. No real nice views, had the company of a turkey and I was wearing Chanel on the sand. Not the best choice. Finally back on the road I heard the Kookaburras going all nuts with their singing. It was fun though! I’ve never heard them like that before 😀 

Walked through the market again then headed in to town to hunt for Sushi. Found a place, had my lunch then walked around to have a look in the shops. Didn’t buy anything though. Still had about 2 hours left before the bus would depart so I got a delicious juice at a place called Kahwa (coffee in Arabic), stayed there for some time and studied a bit. Then walked back to the beach and sat enjoyed it one last time before taking the bus back to Brissy. Full on day, but it was great over all! 

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