Melbourne bound…

… in 5 days. I’m excited about going as everybody who’s been completely love it. I’ve postponed Melbourne until now as I wanted to visit the design + decor and AIFF exhibitions while I’m there. My friend also lives there so I’m meeting up with her and hopefully the weather will be good for us to do the great ocean road together 🙂 

School still going well. Working on my second assessments at the moment, all huge ones. One of them is a real project as well and we have our big client presentation on the 22nd of August. Nervous!! 

I’ve started applying for jobs but definitely need to apply for many more. I’m starting with my portfolio soon and I’m receiving two recommendation letters from teachers. Should have enough for my resume/cv. I might have a set job here in Australia, but I prefer going home to Sweden and work 🙂 Will see what the future has to offer me. Future that is in 6 weeks haha. 

Other than that not much else is going on. Will most likely not visit Fiji, flight tickets are too expensive now 😦 But if I’m taking the job here then that gives me more time and perhaps it will get cheaper later on. Will see what happens. 

When I get back from Melbourne I’ll be “done” with Australia. Seen what I wanted to see and probably more than that too. I can’t believe I finish school in 6 weeks and moving home in 8! Ahhhhh 😱 

Saturday today but my day will consist of studies only. I don’t have anything planned and because of Melbourne I have to use these days for my assessments. Will most likely have to study in Melbourne too haha. 

Have a nice day everybody! 

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