Full on Melbourne

Good evening,

It's been a super long day on the great ocean road but that's a story for tomorrow.

Yesterday I started my morning with breakfast at 1932 Cafe & restaurant which is a cosy and old fashioned cafe. Breakfast was delicious and I enjoyed starting the day alone. I had a little walk around before meeting up with Felicity and her friends. I had seen a massive cathedral from distance and decided to go there to start with. It was so beautiful! It's St. Paul's Cathedral. Luckily it was open for public so I went inside to have a peek, loved it.

Then I continued walking along the street at Federations Sq and saw even more beautiful, old buildings. My favorite so far has been Forum. I found it very Arabic which is pretty cool as it's in between other buildings.

I took off to Felicity after that. Met them at Degraves lane. They were having breakfast at Degraves Espresso. Very European! A small lane, seating in the center and coffee shops on the side. Lovely!

After the breakfast we did some vintage shopping. I bought a cute 1980's bag from Shag 🙂 Continued on to Federations Square, met up with another friend at Transport public bar. It was great sitting in the sun having a glass (or two) of wine. Our day didn't end there though… Said goodbye to my friend and drove off to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Had a stroll around there which I loved. Such a beautiful park! I do wish I had more time to see more of it. Maybe tomorrow 🙂

We got hungry so we went to Elwood where Felicity lives. Had Korean dinner at Quinni, great food! I went back to my hotel after that to drop off some stuff and then out to meet my other friend again. We had a walk around the city and then had a glass at Hopscotch with a beautiful river and skyline view. Crown casino was nearby so we decided to go to Lumia bar for a drink as well. I loved it there. Beautiful interior details but the best part was the 'people watching' haha. Wow, the girls are very, very special there. That type who dresses, well I don't know about that actually because there was not much clothes on, but the type who is looking for a sugar daddy haha. It was hilarious!

Super long day and had to get up early this morning for another full on day so I'm already at the hotel, exhausted. Will be an early night for me, night night.

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