Great Ocean Road

So, time to tell you about my Saturday that was spent on beautiful great ocean road. Felicity picked me up around 8am and we headed out on the road. Our first stop was Torquay. We had breakfast at hmm, I think it was Café Moby. Somewhere along true esplanade anyway, and breakfast was good. Had a look at the beach before we continued. It was a cute little surf town.

From there we drove off to Apollo Bay but had a couple of stops along the road to enjoy the amazing views. Breathtaking and not disappointing, typical Australia.

Arrived to Apollo Bay where we bought some yummy cakes at Bakery. The winds were so strong that Felicity's cake blew away haha. She had eaten half of it so that was good. We walked to the beach here as well and then continued our road trip. This is also where we decided whether or not we should go to the Twelve Apostles.

We went there as it was only 1 hour away and I'm happy we decided on that. It was lovely!! Especially with the sun about to go down, did the whole experience amazing. We decided to drive inland on the way back as that was quicker, and again, good choice! We had seen some animals on the way to Twelve apostles, such as cows, sheep, a fox and we fed a horse. But on the way back we saw a heard(?) of kangaroos!!! I've seen one or two in the wild but never that many. And Felicity tried to feed some cows but they didn't want to get too close to her haha. I was laughing so much at them, curious cows.

Continued driving home with a short KFC stop in a bogan town. Got back to the hotel around 8pm so after 12 hours out on the road I was passed out and didn't do anything that evening. I felt like that was enough 🙂

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