It’s getting hot

Damn, winter is already gone. It's been so hot the past few days, not complaining though. I wanted cold, I got it a bit and now I'm welcoming the hot weather again haha. I need to get some of it before I move to… well I don't know where. And maybe I'm staying. I don't know.

On Thursday I'm going to the visa immigration office to ask a few things. I can get either a working holiday visa but that only allows me to do 6 months with the same employer or a post graduate that allows me to stay 18 months and work as much as I want. The only issue with the last one is that I don't know if my IESL grade is valid, need to talk to them about that.

I've decided I don't want to go home to Gothenburg because my parents' bathrooms are being renovated this fall which means it's not ideal to live in the apartment during that time. And I'm refusing to live with relatives for 2,5-3 months or rent someone else's apartment. Yes I'm too much sometimes, I know haha.

So what is my plan then? I'm going to apply for jobs in Stockholm, other European cities, Dubai, Singapore and here in Australia. I was thinking USA as well but I'm not sure I want because of… well, politics haha.

I've just finished off my resume with professional help and starting on my portfolio next week. I have a recommendation letter as well so it should be enough at this stage 🙂 Quite excited and nervous about what the future holds for me. I will update you of course 😉

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