Finally a life

Puhh, hectic 3 months in school and just a few days left then it’s all over. And… NO MORE STUDYING!!!

Haven’t done too much fun lately but I’ve been to a few restaurants and bars with friends. On 30th of July there was a market on James St so I went there with a friend. Basically had lunch, took a walk to the city and then went back home to study. At least I got out a bit πŸ™‚

On the 11th of August it was Roz’s birthday and she had it at Les Bubbles in the Valley. It was a great evening with lovely people!! I really like her friends and then everybody else who were there had such good energy that I was happy all evening. Like really happy πŸ˜€ A perfect break from my assessments. Les Bubbles is a French restaurant that basically only serves steak with fries. They do have one pesciterian (misspelled?) and one vegetarian dish as well. I had the pesciterian and it was quite okay. I’m glad I took that though because the steak didn’t look very good… Well well, over all it was a great evening!

On Thursday I went to the Ekka with Pat. It’s a public holiday and they have fireworks, rides and other fun stuff. We went to watch the fireworks and some shows. The first ones were super boring and time was going so slow. But then the motorbikes and monster trucks came and that was a lot of fun to watch. In my opinion, the fireworks were better last year. They weren’t as spectacular but I love watching fireworks so I enjoyed it anyway πŸ™‚ The most important thing we did this evening was eating at Max Brenner ❀ Will never get tired of that haha.

On Friday I met up with Ian. We were supposed to play putt putt but ended up having wine/beer, then dinner. We were st Victoria Golf Complex and it’s so nice there. Beautiful view of the skyline as well. Probably need to go back and okay putt putt though haha. Oh God, something fun/embarrassing? happened during our dinner. I had a pizza, waiter comes back after like 10mins and pizza is almost gone. I think I had 1 slice left. And the waiter says “how’s everything, did he help you finish that?”. I was like uhm no? I ate it all myself! He went 😱. I even ordered dessert but we ended up sharing it. Anyway, I was a bit embarrassed but I love eating! Can’t help myself sometimes haha. Like Ian said “he was surprised because you’re not fat and can eat like that”. Lucky me I guess 😬

All of Saturday was spent with Malin whom I’ve only known for 2 months. She’s amazing, I really enjoyed spending time with her yesterday. It was actually the first time we hung out outside school. She came to my place and we went down to the pool. But it was cold most of the time haha. Supper windy too. We gave up after a few hours and headed out for drinks. We went to Sixtes and Sevens. Never been there before but I really liked it! We sat in the sun so it was nice and hot. Had some food to share, a few drinks and when it got dark and cold we went to Malin’s place. She just changed to warmer clothes, dresses up a bit and then we ran for our lives to catch the bus haha. I wanted to die, haven’t been running like that for ever. Came back to my apartment, had some Moscato and then went to Alfred & Constance for dinner. We went upstairs as well, danced a bit and then went to Eleven rooftop bar. Another really nice place. I like A&C as well, been there quite a lot but sometimes bars are nicer as they are more quiet πŸ™‚

Wow, busy weekend I guess. Didn’t realize it until now haha. But it’s been so much fun!! Especially Saturday with Malin. I enjoyed her company so much!!!! Sadly for me she’s going to NZ tomorrow to see her boyfriend but she’s coming back in 2 weeks and then we’re gonna be working together for 2 weeks ❀ Yay πŸ˜ƒ

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