Home Sweet Home… or?

Time to leave Aussie soon. My student visa is about to expire so I’m going back home to apply for a Working Holiday and then coming back. Next year I’m switching over to a student visa as I’m doing the Bachelor of Commercial Design.

My current mission is to find an apartment. It’s so hard, especially with all my requirements. Gotta stop being so picky. There is one particular that I really want but the price is ridiculous and the one they have in my price range is viewing a construction site… not so nice. I’m having a look at it tomorrow anyway. Maybe it’s not too bad.

Lately I’ve been to Eat Street (again and again), lovely Noosa and Fingal Beach in NSW. The weather has been amazing and it keeps getting better. I love it!!

I’ve also started working in a tile and stone shop. It’s fun and I’m learning so much. I just need to make time to read more about the materials. I have a lot on my mind at the moment but it’s all getting into place slowly. Flight ticket is booked so just apartment left and then when I get home I need to get a new passport and get the visa sorted. Will be all good! Can’t wait to get some of my clothes and shoes here as well. I’ve given away a lot so I don’t have much left here haha.

Babysitting right now so need to put the computer away and prepare dinner.



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