Gothenburg, Sweden

Morning 🙂

Arrived to Gothenburg yesterday after 31 hours of traveling. My first flight was to Singapore (like always) and I was so lucky because I got 3 seats all by myself =D Oh, I have to tell you how my journey actually started haha. I took the train from Fortitude Valley to Brisbane airport. Got off and took the elevator up BUT, when it stopped the doors didn’t open. I tried to stay calm (claustrophobic) so I rang the bell and a girl came to speak to me through the doors. She told me what to do to try open them or at least get the elevator moving down again but nothing worked. Now it started getting hot and I was panicking a bit. My flight was in 2 hours and I was stuck in an elevator. After 20 mins she tells me a technician will be there in another 20 mins. WHAT?! 40 mins, alone in a hot elevator… I don’t think so. Luckily after 5 mins a man came and managed to separate the doors to get me out. At this stage I had started crying from panicking haha. A good start of the trip eh… They told me it could only get better and they were right.


So, 3 seats all for me on my Brisbane-Singapore flight. Got on my Singapore-Zurich flight and guess what? 3 seats all for me again!! I slept 9 out of 12,5 hours haha. I had about 6 hours in Zurich so I took the train to the city center and met up with my lovely cousin. We had breakfast in a bakery we’ve been to before and then he took me up to the hospital where he is working and at the rooftop we had the most amazing view of Zurich.


After my little trip to Zurich I took the flight to Gothenburg and guess what? YES 3 seats by myself again!!! I think I was so lucky being compensated for my elevator accident 😛


My dad picked me up and we went to the passport police immediately so I could renew my passport. My new visa had already been approved when I applied for it in Singapore, only took 20mins haha. Amazing!

We had a lovely family dinner with delicious food and desert. My mum seriously is the best cook ever. I’m gonna be eating so much food while I’m here 😛

Need to go to the hairdresser now =) See ya



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