So far so good


I’ve been up to quite a lot lately =) So my last post was when I got to Gothenburg. I was there for about 10 days and they were full on. I met with family, dinners with friends and relatives, had some family visiting from out of town and yeah, basically just had a lot of fun. I think 10 days were perfect, never got bored and by the time it was time for me to leave that’s when everybody had to go back to their daily life as well.


I wasn’t as lucky with the seats on my way back. On my first flight to Zurich, it was empty next to me but a gentleman was sitting next to the aisle. I didn’t really care as it was only 2 hours and not a night flight so that was fine.

I had a 6 hour stopover in Zurich again so my two lovely cousins with one of their partners came in to the city to have dinner with me. We also went to a café afterwards for a desert. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant, food was really good. The desert was delicious too. I’ve been to that café before, but I don’t remember the name. It should be in one of my previous posts about Zurich =)


My flight to Singapore was not as nice either. It was empty next to me but a lady sat next to the aisle so I didn’t sleep very well. It wasn’t as comfortable when I couldn’t stretch out across three seats haha. I feel a bit spoiled from my trip to Sweden so I got a bit annoyed on this one 😛 But it didn’t feel too long so that was good.

When I arrived to Singapore, I took a taxi to Marina Bay Sands because I had 7 hours there before my last flight. I love Singapore incredibly much so I didn’t mind this at all. Was so happy to have that time. I walked over to the beautiful Gardens By the Bay and watched the light show after my dinner. I thought I’d check if the second light show, which is outside The Shoppes was on that evening so I went outside and saw people sitting there. I assumed there would be a show and I was correct =) I actually missed those shows last time I was in Singapore because it was raining every evening so they cancelled them. But lucky me, yay, no rain this evening. The light show was beautiful! It was so cool with the animation and 3D effects. I enjoyed every minute of it =) So, after this I kind of didn’t feel like doing anything else. I took a taxi back to the airport and just relaxed there a bit. I started feeling very tired because I now hadn’t slept properly for 2 days.


My last flight to Brisbane was…hmm. I don’t remember haha. I think I had three seats by myself actually. Yes I did haha. I didn’t sleep well though, I guess my sleep was just weird at this point. I arrived 1 hour earlier which was perfect as I had to declare a few items and I knew it could take time. It all went smoothly and I got home safe and sound. I had my wifi installed the same day (finally after 3 weeks without) and then just relaxed.

I was jet lagged for almost a week which sucked big time because I got up around 4.30 am every single day, no matter what time I went to bed. The positive thing about this is that I started going to the gym early in the morning just to do something. The bad thing is that I got sick after a week haha. But I’m now well again so starting at the gym tomorrow again. I actually enjoy it this time, I usually don’t 😛

I haven’t been doing too much except decorating my beautiful apartment. You can have a look at my photos of it on my Instagram @araliasinspo and there is a link to my portfolio as well. It feels like a home now and I love it.

My plans for this week are:

  1. Doing a little day trip to Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. I haven’t been there before and because it’s raining all the time I thought I’d check it out. It’s a shopping center for those who don’t know.
  2. I’m going to a wine bar with a friend on Friday. Haven’t seen him for maybe 2 months.
  3. On Saturday we have a Christmas party with work so that will be fun. It’s in Southport which is also on the Gold Coast
  4. On Sunday I’m going to rooftop Eleven in the afternoon. They have like small events now before Christmas with bands playing and all. Instead of brunch you go to a bar with live music.

That was it of the fun stuff for this week but I’m still free Wednesday and Thursday so who knows what will happen =)

Ciao for now!

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