Christmas in Brisbane


Again, long time no see. It’s been over a month and I’ve been up to a lot lately.

Since the last post, I’ve been to Roz’s Christmas party which was a lot of fun, and Victor cooked delicious food for all of us. It was a mix of Fijian and Italian, loved it!

I went to the Gold Lotto City Hall lights which was a nice little show on the exterior of the building. I also went to the beautiful Enchanted Garden in Roma St Parklands. I had to line up for 1,5 hour to get in but it was worth it haha. Won’t do it again though 😛 There were a lot of Christmas-y things going on in Brisbane around this time, which was super nice. I loved it, well most of it haha.


There was a Christmas Parade by David Jones on Queen St Mall and it was terrible!! I went with my friend Angelica and we just stood there in shock. I’ve never seen such a bad parade before, it was embarrassing. After the parade we went to Alfred and Constance for some drinks with other friends. That was so much fun and it made us forget about the parade haha.


On the Sunday I went to Malin’s little farewell picnic in New Farm park. Me and her got bitten by ants haha. My bite got huge!! I had to see a doctor about it and apparently I got a local allergic reaction to it haha. Now I’m prepared with my antihistamins 😛 After the picnic I went to Movie World on the Gold Coast for their Christmas Parade. I strolled around a bit before it started and that one was actually pretty amazing. I loved it!! It was so beautiful and the music was very good.


The week after was the Christmas week. I spent a few days on the beach. I went to Broadbeach and Coolangatta. They’re probably my favourite ones on the Gold Coast. I still need to go to Currumbin, haven’t been yet. I also went to Christmas in South Bank which was a big Christmas Market, fairy lights everywhere (amazing!!) and of course spectacular fireworks 😀 It was so nice to spend Christmas on the beach. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

The days between Christmas and New Year were spent in Melbourne so I’ll do a separate post about that tomorrow 🙂 Feel like I need to catch up now with all the fun things going on!

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