Melbourne bound

Yay! Was so excited to got to Melbourne and visit my dear friend Felicity. She didn’t have plans for New Years Eve either so that was perfect. I booked accommodation at St Kilda Hostel, had a private room with ensuite. I couldn’t share with people, too old for it 😛 The hostel itself looked like a dump but my room was pretty clean which I’m happy for. It wasn’t the nicest but I knew that before booking. I just wanted something cheap and pretty close to Felicity, she lives in Elmwood. Unfortunately I don’t have an image but it looks like in the photos on

I got there early in the morning, flew with Tigerair, and so we went to Chapel Street for late breakfast at N. Tran Bakery which is a Vietnamese bakery. It was good but nowhere near as good as the Vietnamese sandwiches in Vietnam. We kind of had a Vietnam day haha. Our dinner was at Thy Thy in Little Vietnam. That wasn’t the most delicious either, pretty average. The restaurant was very, very, very pink. I mean, I love pink but that was way too much haha. And one negative thing was that we had to pay in cash and it doesn’t say until you walk up all those stairs. They should’ve had a sign outside. That first day was pretty chill. We strolled around Chapel Street and other areas, had an afternoon nap and then the dinner.

27267356_10159960268720392_986209035_oThere you can see how pink it is haha

The day after we started off with a walk around Albert Park Lake which was lovely, and then went to Brighton Soul Café in hmm.. I don’t remember that area but it wasn’t too far from Brighton Beach which was our next stop. By the way, the breakfast at that café was good but it’s very noisy in there when it’s full. Back to Brighton Beach. It was quite nice to see those colored beach houses but damn there were tourists. We managed to get a photo with no people in it so that was good 😛 Our dinner was at Banff Restaurant that sells super cheap, but delicious pizza. It’s in the St Kilda area if I remember it correctly. That’s worth a visit and especially if you’re on a budget.

Albert Park Lake & Brighton Beach

New Year Eve day was a St Kilda day. We started off with the market where we got some pretty rings 🙂 We then had Turkish Gozleme for lunch which we bought at the market. We sat in a park nearby and ate it, so good!!! We had a stroll along the boardwalk as I hadn’t seen the beach there before. I actually really liked it, not the beach but the boardwalk and that whole area. We took off to the CBD for some shopping and finished off with a coffee (juice for me) at Xpressomondo café in one of the alleys.


After a few hours of rest and napping we went to Elmwood beach for salsa dancing but that event was such a fail so we just took a walk along the beach and I loved it. We then headed in to the CBD for the fireworks at midnight. Gosh, I’ve never seen so many people at the same place. It was insane! I have to say though, Melbourne you disappointed me with the fireworks. Brisbane has so much better!!!




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