Yay!! Brisbane can be a lot of fun sometimes. There’s always stuff going on and this time there were stuff I’m interested in.

When it’s been really hot and sunny I’ve been to South Bank or else spent some time in New Farm Park (where I also got bitten by ants for the third time). New Farm Park is really nice but too bad there are so many ants there. It’s really annoying to have them all over while your lying down to relax. Last time I went, I had a seat on the bench haha. Refused to lie down on the grass.


Went out with friends a few times. We tried out Riverland where I had been before, it’s a cool place with kind of food trucks, a big bar and huge outdoor seating overlooking the river and Story bridge. After that we went to Blackbird which is by the river as well. I like that place a lot, they play good music as well which I think is hard to find around Brisbane.


I’ve been to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at GOMA and that was pretty cool. I’ve wanted to go for so long and finally did. The dark room with the polka dots glowing was a bit hm, not what I expected. I thought it was a big room but only four people at the time could go in. It was very small, and we were standing on a platform on water so you couldn’t really move. It was a very interesting exhibition though. I still enjoyed it.


After the exhibition I had lunch at Julius, which is an Italian restaurant in Fish Lane in South Brisbane. It’s kind of between South Brisbane and West End. Amazing pizzas!!! Gosh, I haven’t had that good pizza in ages.

Lifeline Bookfest was on for a week as well. It’s a second hand book fair where books cost only $1, $2, $5, $6 or $8. So cheap!! I bought a few interior books but I wanted to go back and get some more. I didn’t though =( It’s coming back twice again this year so I’ll go next time.

Last weekend I went to the Mamma Mia musical 😀 It was so much fun! I loved the first act better than the second, it was happier. The second act was a bit sad except at the end and I was so tired I almost fell asleep haha. I can’t wait to go to another musical. I had dinner at Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant in South Bank before that. Very good food but expensive. I think I find it expensive because this is the kind of food I eat at home and I know how much it costs to make it 😛

The weekend ended with cinema in the morning, watched The Shape of Water. A strange but very good movie. Later in the evening my friends came over and we watched Argo in the Moonlight Cinema that I have in the complex. That was awesome! So luxurious to have that a few floors down.

Now I’m back at work and the week continues as normal. I don’t have any plans so will see what I do 🙂

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