Some adventure


About 2 weeks ago I went to the Treetop Challenge in Mt Tamborine again. You might not remember, but that was one of the first things I did when I moved to Australia. It’s so much fun! I finished with the black course again, a mistake this time haha. At one of the obstacles my arms and legs were so exhausted so I was just hanging there and couldn’t move haha. With some help I got back up and finished it, but man was I tired afterwards. Good training though and the flying fox are always fun.Just before going there I had a short stop at Cedar Creek Falls. I’ve told you about that before as well. Beautiful walls in Mt Tamborine. I finished off the day with seafood lunch by the beach and then headed back home for a relaxing evening. Pretty awesome day 🙂

In mid February I went to Brush ‘n’ Barrell for an art class and it was great. We took a bottle of wine with us and painted a tropical island together with the artist and all the other participants. I had a really nice time even though there was a huge cockroach above my head on the ceiling… Yes, I was freaking out haha.


Oh, I almost forgot 🙂 I’ve also been to the driving range in Victoria Park Complex. We had 3 pizzas (2 people) first together with some sparkling wine and I have to say, the pizza was delicious. I’m not a big pizza fan usually but this one was great just like the ones at Julius. Okay, those were better but these were not bad at all.


I have booked a trip to Sydney and I’m pretty excited about it 😀 Staying one night in the Blue Mountains and then 2 nights in Sydney. And our flight times are so good we actually have 4 full days there, yay 🙂 Going for Easter so hopefully there’ll be some kind of Easter parade or something else fun going on in Sydney. Maybe fireworks 😀

Gotta continue studying now, tada!

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