I’m on my flight heading back to Brissy from a day trip to Sydney ūüôā  Left early this morning and arrived by 9.30am. Started my day with a stroll in an area called The Rocks, pretty cozy! From there I walked up to Harbor Bridge and got up to Pylon Lookout. It wasn’t as amazing … More Sydney!¬†

Winter in Oz 

It’s soooooo cold in school and my apartment. Like freezing! ūüė© I wish they didn’t have aircon on in school and I want a radiator in my apartment huhu. Apparently they don’t have them in Queensland because it’s hot, but it’s not super hot all the time people!! Luckily it’s still not too bad outside. … More Winter in Oz¬†

Weekend thoughts

Hello! Started off Friday morning with breakfast at Monk & Grind with Pat (if you’re reading this, I’m mentioning it just because you laughed at me ūüėČ ) We had bacon, egg, toast and avocado smash (yes Pat, this is also for you). I had a meeting in the afternoon with a friend at his … More Weekend thoughts


Hey!  I’ve kind of lost it a bit with Instagram and I’m hoping maybe there’s someone out there who can help me out?  I used to have a lot of followers and likes but I’ve noticed that coming back to Australia from my travels, I don’t get as many and I’ve lost some followers. I … More Instagram¬†

Next stop? 

Hey!  My plans changed completely for today. Washed, cleaned and then had lunch with friends. I hadn’t seen them for a very long time so that was very nice ūüôā We just had salads and so at one of the Coffee Club restaurants. Not the best place but there’s always some eatable.  I’ve been thinking … More Next stop?¬†