3,5 weeks…

That’s how long it’s been since my last post. Shame on me… So what have been up to? Hm… I moved from my Airbnb to a friend in Ascot. She lives in a lovely townhouse in a nice and quiet neighborhood. We go to the markets on Sunday’s to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, I … More 3,5 weeks…

Finally a life

Puhh, hectic 3 months in school and just a few days left then it’s all over. And… NO MORE STUDYING!!! Haven’t done too much fun lately but I’ve been to a few restaurants and bars with friends. On 30th of July there was a market on James St so I went there with a friend. … More Finally a life

Life changing

Good evening! Busy, busy weeks. Not only have I been studying but also applying for jobs, dealt with my apartment lease, trying to sell stuff and yeah, kind of trying to work out what to do after graduation. One of my material boards I've created for an assignment 🙂 I've applied for jobs in different … More Life changing

Last day Melbourne

Sunday was my last day in Melbourne and that was spent both on Brunswick St and in the CBD. Felicity picked me up in the morning and we drove off to Brunswick St which is a really nice area. Very hipster, I loved it. Lovely cafés, plenty of vintage shops and very old buildings. We … More Last day Melbourne

Great Ocean Road

So, time to tell you about my Saturday that was spent on beautiful great ocean road. Felicity picked me up around 8am and we headed out on the road. Our first stop was Torquay. We had breakfast at hmm, I think it was Café Moby. Somewhere along true esplanade anyway, and breakfast was good. Had … More Great Ocean Road

Full on Melbourne

Good evening, It's been a super long day on the great ocean road but that's a story for tomorrow. Yesterday I started my morning with breakfast at 1932 Cafe & restaurant which is a cosy and old fashioned cafe. Breakfast was delicious and I enjoyed starting the day alone. I had a little walk around … More Full on Melbourne

Melbourne bound…

… in 5 days. I’m excited about going as everybody who’s been completely love it. I’ve postponed Melbourne until now as I wanted to visit the design + decor and AIFF exhibitions while I’m there. My friend also lives there so I’m meeting up with her and hopefully the weather will be good for us … More Melbourne bound…